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Dear Parents,

This is a golden era of career education; for education is not only a preparation for examinations but a preparation for life itself. Education is the greatest asset of an individual and the nation as a whole. In Ajmal Group of Colleges, we impart value-based education to our students that will not only help them to clear engineering/medical entrance examinations but will also help them in all their future endeavours. As a parent, you want the best for your child; and we are happy to be working together with you to bring out the best of your child by ensuring that he/she is given the true knowledge to overcome the challenges in his/her career, whether it is a question of solving a problem in a subject, facing an interview, building a bridge, discovering a drug or treating a patient. In Ajmal Group of Colleges, we believe that education is holistic and transcends all boundaries and limits. As a result, we constantly endeavour to bring out an all-round development in your child. The talent and the positive energy that our student possesses need to be nurtured and channelled in the right direction and our combined effort will go a long way in bringing out the best of him/her not only in his/her career but in his/her life as a whole.

Wishing you a rewarding experience in Ajmal Group of Colleges!


Col. Samir Kanjilal (Retd.)

Academic Director

Ajmal Group of Colleges


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